20:30 Fri 06 Jun ‘14

Small Fakers

Tribute to Small Faces
Cavern Live Lounge

Welcome return to one of the very best tributes around to one of the very best bands to come out of the UK in the sixties. Here is a fans review of their last Cavern gig


”The Cavern Club last night was the best night out I've had in a long time. I could watch the Small Fakers play every night of the week and never tire of watching you play...

Matt.. unbelievably so much like Marriott, i still can’t put my finger on it, I've seen loads of people copy Steve Marriott.... (some get the stage moves of to a tee) but Matt just HAS Steve’s mannerisms, there’s no trying with him it’s just there.....even the smile.

Thank you so much all of the small fakers making some people’s dreams come true. I never got to see the Small Faces, and would never have witnessed anything like it in my life time (or the next) but thanks to you guys i have. Don’t stop what your doing!"

A show not to be missed!


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