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Liverpool’s Cavern Club is the cradle of British pop music. Impressively, 55 years after its foundation, it survives and thrives as a contemporary music venue.

Through seven eventful decades, before, during and after The Beatles this legendary cellar has seen its share of setbacks yet has played a role in each epoch of music, from 1950s jazz to 21st century indie rock.

Take a look at the Cavern’s rollercoaster ride through the decades and discover how it survived the setbacks and closures to become the most famous music club in the world!


The history of the Cavern Club begins on Wednesday 16 January 1957, when the doors opened for the very first time to this warehouse cellar venue at 10 Mathew Street, Liverpool...

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In early 1960 the Beat Music scene in Liverpool exploded and the Cavern Club became the most publicised pop music venue in the world...

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The 1970s started with another change of ownership. The historic standing of the Cavern Club didn’t stop British Rail enforcing its closure in 1973...

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The Cavern Club is back at 8-10 Mathew Street, an authentic and evocative location that attracts visitors, audiences and bands from across the world...

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In the 1990s, Cavern City Tours became the new owners of the Cavern Club and found a balance between paying homage to the rich musical legacy of the Cavern and continuing to fulfil a role in providing a stage for contemporary local bands to perform live music.Cavern City Tours' experience in Liverpool’s visitor industry combined with their expert knowledge of the Beatles and passion for live music was the driving force behind creating the Cavern Club’s success

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During this decade the Cavern Club celebrated it 50th year and Liverpool became European Capital of Culture...

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