Les Sauterelles

This Band was founded in 1962. Soon they became the most popular Swiss Beat Band in the Sixties.  In the hot summer of 68, their single «Heavenly Club» was Nr. 1 for 6 weeks in the Swiss Charts.  
«Heavenly Club» was edited in many European Countries, in the US and Japan. Les Sauterelles used to play as a supporting act for the Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard and the Shadows, The Small Faces and they toured together with the Kinks. They performed in the famous Star Club in Hamburg and used to play in all the big Clubs in Switzerland. More than 350 concerts during the year was quit normal…. Today, Les Sauterelles are still on stage. After a temporarily disbandment in 1970, the band was reunited again in 1993. Freddy Mangili and Peter Glanzmann joined the inseparable friends Toni Vescoli and Düde Dürst. With more than 30 shows a year, they are still very successfully touring in Switzerland. Not only the older fans enjoy their music and performance. Now as then, Les Sauterelles see themselves as a «Band On The Run», taking on songs considered to be unplayable and kicking the oldies‘ bowling evening into the long grass. The current formation has now been together for 23 years, there is an intuitive understanding and the wild times have been left behind. Today, they arrived in the «Heavenly Club» of Switzerland’s Olympus of Pop ages ago. In 2012, Les Sauterelles celebrated in Liverpool their 50th anniversary. When the band got cracking with the four-part harmonies at the Cavern Club or at big open air festivals, the Liverpudlians marvelled at the unimagined abilities of these senior citizens from Switzerland. According Dave Jones, Cavern Clubs co Director, Les Sauterelles will again become an insider tip during Beatle Week 2015 !